Option set auto generation possible?

I doubt it, but I am just wondering if there is any way that anything created or saved in a data field can be automatically added to option set. Thank.s

Hi there, @yj.johnrhee… unfortunately (and as you suspected), you cannot do what you have described.


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Thank you @mikeloc.

Maybe you could help me out with a thing I am struggling with?

I am creating a multi dropdown to let users to choose multiple items, and I want to make the choice source from one of data fields. But, when I was trying this, I failed to save the input data as well as set the data as default for display. So, I had to create option set to replace the data type, but consequently, there will be continuous manual work necessary. Any idea or suggestion? Thanks a million.

Hmm, some screenshots might be useful so I understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish, but could you have a separate data type that stores the things to show in the multi-dropdown? Then, you would have a field on another data type that is a list of those things, and it stores the things a user has selected. If you are letting users add new things to the list of existing options, you could add a new thing to the first data type I described, and then a user’s options in their multi-dropdown would be made up of a list of the default options as well as the ones that the user created.

Anyway, I don’t know if that makes much sense, but it’s all pretty abstract without screenshots or being able to see your editor.

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Trying to display my problems to get your help, actually I found what I wanted works. Funny… Thanks anyway for your time and help.

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