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Option Sets and Translation

Hey everyone.

I am translating my production app, Equina, and wondering what others have done when translating Option Set displays. I am guessing a combination of Conditions and AppText, but wanted to see if there are better ideas out there. @ts11 @shot



Not sure but just wanted to compliment your website. Was everything done using bubble? And are you seeing success?

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Thank you! Yes, proudly built on bubble and going well.

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did you find any workaround?
how are you currently translating the option set data ?
Or data that is generated in the database?

Thank you!!

I have put translation efforts on hold for now. For option sets, you have to handle it all in conditionals – not a good approach but per bubble, that’s the only way. In terms of data from users – well, that’s a different issue and depends on what data and your use-case.

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