Option Sets & Performance

Just wondering if anyone knows the impact of Option Sets on page load performance?

I guess since they are available across the app they load on 1st page load into the browser memory, given this is likely to be the home page for most sites, do large option sets give you performance issues?

Anyone have any insight?



I have an option set with about 400 options. I don’t have a side-by-side comparison of page load, but my sense is that loading 400 text fields is pretty lightweight compared to other stuff the page is loading. Complex question though… even if it did slow down the initial page load in terms of more data being loaded, on the other hand would speed up page load by populating option set repeating groups / dropdowns faster w/out having to do the database searches. So I guess it depends on a) size of option sets; and b) how they are being used within the page.

One downside is that it’s not so easy to manage the options when you get that large, since the tab in the the builder lacks full functionality (like sorting or displaying the various fields of the option). But otherwise I’ve been happy with them – very easy to use, especially within the editor.

I’m sure you’ve seen this massive thread on Option Sets – I don’t recall having seen page load as an issue, but I haven’t ready every entry…

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Great question, Simon. I’m also curious.

Furthermore, I assume option sets are loaded on every page (even if that page doesn’t use the option sets) so that means event if it delays only a few hundred milliseconds, then that’d impact users no matter which page they hit first. Does anyone know if this is correct?

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