Option Sets - standard "pre-built" list


I was just creating my first option set and got a bit confused.

I ended up deleting several that already existed in the app.

Can someone please screen shot or tell me what the standard list of option sets are with a bubble account?

I’m concerned some things might not work anymore (one of the option sets was 404). There is a possibility that these option sets are connected to a plugin I’ve downloaded but just wanted to check to see what the list should look like on a standard install

Hi there, @artie717… there are no standard option sets associated with a new Bubble app. In other words, when you create a new app, the options sets area is empty.


thanks. that means the ones i was seeing are related to plugins i guess. is there a way to revert back 20 minutes ago. i tried hitting the back button but this didnt do anything

You can get the deleted option sets back by clicking this link.

thanks a lot. that’ s a relief. it might be for a plugin im not using but good to know its restored.

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if you dont mind me picking your brains…

I’m looking at option sets to determine a product price.

so the option set is going to hold size information.

The custom type in the DB called “product” has a price field, so Im not sure if this should be a list of numbers and then the option set sets the price or if there is another way to do this which is better.

Whats your thoughts?

Maybe I don’t understand what you are trying to do, but if you have a custom data type for products and the data type has a field for price, then I’m not sure what you would need an option set for. A product will be a thing in the custom data type, and the product’s price field will have a price in it for the associated product. Sounds like it should be as simple as that.

yes that is the case if the product is a “simple” product.

instead of creating a new product for every possible combination of variations most ecommerce shops change the price of a product based on size or other “features” or “options” connected to the product.

This is why i was exploring option sets.

I have seen one forum entry state you could have standard price and add value to that standard price when people select an option from the dropdown. So i think I may explore how to do it that way.