Option to pull floating groups etc

@neerja @emmanuel Would it be hard to add a function to pull floating groups etc. the way it works on this Forum?

When you click user profile on mobile then you are able to pull that “FG” and for example close it. It’s more advanced than swiping and gives more native feel.

@boostsalesgroup Could you share a gif of the behavior you are looking for?

You can already do it using bdk plugin

Which one?

Demo page is there

I already use it but it doesn’t do the trick for sliding things from down to up and hiding them

Option to decide if pulling / swiping is left, right, down, up would be awesome add on. Pulling / swiping that would actually catch the element would improve mobile experience quite a bit.

For down to up, you can use a group inside your floating group and colapse. This should adjust floating group height

I understand that pulling /swiping is cool addon. There’s a few plugin that I think that can do that. Also, the slideable menu work with swipping left/right

@boostsalesgroup A plugin is the best approach here like @Jici’s suggestions

What i was looking for is that more native feel that when element is pulled / swiped it will actually catch on. The way most os the native apps work now day. I know there are plugins for swiping etc. but they don’t offer that.

BKD’s menu plugins is closest but it doesn’t really work exactly it needs to. It doesn’t snap in place etc.

I think It there needs to be an option is something is pulled 70% it will snap in place.

@boostsalesgroup Drag and drop group has a ‘move back’ setting but it is not a fully native like experience

If I do this, the floating group stays full height. So it works visually but you cant click on anything underneath. Did you get that to work?

For anyone stumbling upon this: the Group Focus element is the answer here.