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Order of operations

Does Bubble follow the standard mathematical order of operations.
For example, will this divide input 2’s value by 5 and take that away from input ones value, or does it work left to right. If it’s the later, how to I adjust the operation when setting a variable (thing).

Input 1’s value – input 2’s value / 5

It works left to right, not order of operations. I’ve realized that while creating my app. A way to work around it is to run a workflow for the part you want calculated first, store that value, and then create another workflow segment for the second part, etc.

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That’s correct, we’ll add parenthesis at some point, probably not too far away, but right now that’s the right approach.


Makes sense. Thank you both!!

Any update on this. Order of operation is important just for everyone’s reference the order is BEDMAS

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Has this been changed/updated yet?

Or is the original approach still required?

Will this not work according to BEDMAS?

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Have you added parentheses yet?

have you added parenthesis yet?

How’s it going with the parenthesis?


What’s the status on this?

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Parenthesis would be really nice to have

It’s on our list of features to add. We’ll keep you posted.


please add parenthesis its been 3 years

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please add them

Haha. I learned it

Please excuse my dear aunt sally. PEMDAS

Same thing though. :slight_smile:


We still need parentheses! They’re fundamental!

this had my head spinning until i figured bubble doesn’t follow standard precedence of operations!

Guys you might be able to solve this with the Expression element from Toolbox.

Or math.js local but the library is a bit heavy.

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Still doesn’t look implemented?

Such a basic thing learned in elementary school yet order of operations is still not here! Sad!

For now the Expression functionality in Toolbox is a great workaround. Thank you!