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Order of operations

“no-coding with JS” - Bubble

Jesus, this feature is crucial! Just develop it ASAP ,please!


It works left to right, not order of operations. I’ve realized that while creating my app. A way to work around it is to run a workflow for the part you want calculated first, store that value, and then create another workflow segment for the second part, etc.

Also very surprised parentheses not possible - seems very basic - just adding my +1 for this feature to be added


You have brackets in the Expression builder (Toolbox plugin) if you really need them. Which you usually don’t.


Great thanks @NigelG for the reply :slight_smile:

Expression plugin works great! A little weird that I have to create an element in the builder for each impression. It’s still better to have a native parentheses feature.

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Bump !

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Been trying to figure this out and then found this thread. Seriously there’s no brackets in Bubble? What is the logic?



I guess it’s just from left to right.

Do not hesitate using the Toolbox plugin. That’s the lonely rational solution for now about this.


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@team @emmanuel

Any Plan to add this ?

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I ran into this to calculate an order total, where the formula was 20x + 30y = total. In my case, I converted this to (20x/30 + y) * 30. The parentheses are for clarity, obviously bubble doesn’t implement them, but you can see that the PEMDAS operation has been converted into a serial method that will result in the same answer. In your case, we have a - b/5 where you want b/5 calculated first.

a - b/5 = SUM
5(a-b/5) = 5SUM
5a - b = 5
(5a-b) / 5 = SUM
so 5 * Input 1’s value - Input 2’s value / 5 would accomplish serially what you assumed using PEMDAS conventions.

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Running into the same issue, trying to make a simmple page to count money and generate a total… How is this not integrated/???

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+1 Please add this feature.

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Does anyone how is the status of this one and the parenthesis feature?

@Bubble seriously ?


Please, please, please, put something in place natively. It’s been more than Five Years!


@Bubble we’d really like some feedback/follow up on that kind of things

+1 for the parenthesis from me :muscle:t5: