Page data not updating

Same problem here, this is one of the main reasons someone would change the Nocode platform they use to develop, as it can generate serious problems for business.

In the last months bubble’s been worse in some topics, such as the new Table element that doesn’t work correctly and takes them forever to fix something while other platforms dont take all that time and develop new stuff faster.

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I’ve been experiencing this since last night - around 9 p.m. MT. The core of my app is to receive API calls and display them. Without it, all my apps are broken.

Also, if you change the app on the editor, the app refresh bar does not appear unless you submit something, and then a popup comes and asks you to refresh the app.

I have filed a bug report.

The issue came up again, but that log message is not showing anymore. Completely blocking a production app!

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I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m with a smaller team of 20 sales person and shipping coordinators for an enterprise account for a multinational customer. We’re in the middle of our integrated tests and I feel your pain: it’s a shame, and now they started not trusting in my solution.

Is it happening in your dedicated box?
I also don’t have the log message error you showed before.

We’re seeing the same bug. Data is not updating which, to a large extent, is app-breaking for us.

We had this issue before and reported it. After discussions with the Bubble support and engineering team, they said that they’ve at the time of this bug in past have had disruptions, specifically on their “notifier server”. They said that this is the server that facilitates real-time updates for pages, which would explain why elements are not rendering/updating at the time.

There was no fix we could implement to remove the issue. Hopefully they can implement fixes to remove this bug from the ground up, as it seems to be a Bubble-specific infrastructure issue.

This issue has been happening for 12+ hours now. It is absolutely shocking that there is no round the clock detection / support / on call person to handle these things. Bubble puts us in a position where we have no idea when it will be solved, their status page doesn’t show anything and the core functionality of apps is broken. Why are systems not in place to mitigate the chance of such things happening?


It appears to have just started working (intermittently) for object creation but not deletion

EDIT: nevermind, still broke but it definitely worked once.

yes it is. it started happening at 6AM CET this morning. We tested last night a new release and that worked without any problem, and all of a sudden this morning it stopped working without any intervention.

Support has just replied and said they’re looking (probably because the day kicked off 3 minutes ago)

+1 with the same issues. This is not great tbh.

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Yup seeing this in my app this morning too. Thought I left my workflows paused over night and freaked out haha.

After spending 6 hours working on new updates last night to my app, I make the changes live and… the core functionality of my app is basically non-existent. I can’t speak on the conditions, practices, or guidelines to how you guys work as I clearly have no idea. However after having this same issue arise multiple times in a span of 2 weeks makes it clear that this is an issue that deservers more attention than just “putting a band-aid” over the immediate problem. This is a huge deal for developers who have tens of thousands of users unable to use an app they are paying for. It is a bad reflection on us developers. The post I made on the forum has nearly 20 replies, and people are seriously not happy. Bubble is a great platform, but for your own reputation, as well as for developers reputations, it seems a look at the way certain things are done there need some attention.

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yes I’m having it happen to me as well. it occurs randomly on some actions and not others (however once an action cannot update, it never will no matter how many times I repeat it, unless I refresh the page)

This is brutal. We need more reliability with this live update functionality. Most apps are unusable without it working properly.



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I just spent an hour chasing my tail before finding this thread :rofl: Maybe system status issues should have some sort of notification in the editor?


they would need a real-time update to be useful, unless there were some mechanism that forces you to reload the editor continuously :rofl: :sob: :see_no_evil:


Lost 9 paying customers because of this. Amy update when this will be fixed??

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