Page data not updating

I have backend workflows that I use to update/create new data. It is vital to the functionality of my app that the repeating groups and data updates immediately. Right now it only updates if I reload the page which is a major problem. Anyone else having these issues?


There was another thread about this issue recently (the thread was automatically closed by the system a few hours ago), and the last post (which was posted a few days ago) said the issue was back. If you haven’t done so already, you should submit a bug report.

Yeah I submitted a report. hopefully they get on it. It sucks when people are signing up an getting a bad first impression of my app because of issues completely outside of my control but oh well.

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Yes there is a real time update issue again! there was one that happened on the 12 Aug, - now its happening again today, this morning.

We are currently in the middle of a live training this morning on our site and all 130 participants needs to manually refresh page every few mins in order get the results real time for all our activities :face_with_head_bandage: what a disaster .


Jesus… quick put a “Do every 1 second” and poll for data to fake it :pray: :pray:


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Yep same as before and worse, the temp fix I used before doesn’t work this time. This is hopeless for apps that you depend on. Such a joke that it continues to happen again and again.

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I do not understand why Bubble has a versioning system for their engine yet seem to deploy some stuff straight to live apps instantly… I’ll check if this issue is present in my apps too…


Okay well I’m just glad to know it’s not just me. I was panicking trying to figure out if I did something :sweat_smile:

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@Roody_BubbleSupport @sam.morgan @josh

It is absolutely bonkers. Infuriating and breaks whole apps and workflows. Support tickets piling up because of this and the worst is Bubble don’t seem to have anyone on call or any system to detect this stuff. ALL SYSTEMS OPERATIONAL. This should be flashing red for the past few hours but nope, in cloud Bubble land everything is absolutely fine right now.


I am facing this too. Please save us, Bubble!

That sucks… I think Bubble’s service level (as in server status) is forgivable because whilst not as good as other providers it’s at least within the realms of being reasonable. But breaking changes to live apps? No sympathy whatsoever.

Filed a bug report, but they will only look at it in their working hours! What do we do till then?

And all this is causing us extra capacity issues too as people are continuously refreshing pages and all team members are fighting with each other as data shown on pages are wrong :frowning:

It is a festival day in our area and it is kind of peak volume day for us and Bubble decides to drop this bomb on us, with us having no control at all in the situation!

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Yeah it’s a bummer. I’m glad others are filing bug reports so they can realize this is a major issue. You’d think after having the same issue so recently they’d be cautious as to not reintroduce it.

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Does someone have a direct contact with the team at Bubble and can shake them up?

We are having mayhem in our operations and customers are shouting like anything.

@mikeloc do you have?

Unfortunately, I don’t, @mghatiya. Tyler has already tagged the folks I would have tagged, and you all are doing the right thing by submitting bug reports. So, at this point (and as much as it is not ideal, to say the least), all we can do is wait.

Edit: @mghatiya, it sounds like your situation is pretty bad, so you might want to consider doing something like what Tyler suggested here. I mean, if your users are constantly refreshing anyway, it might not make your capacity situation any worse, you know? Anyway, just something to think about because, well, desperate times.

Are they working on it?

Why haven’t they updated their status? It’s frustrating.


It’s also affecting my app. I am submitting another bug report right away

I throw here a list of other Forum threads (now closed) discussing this same issue. They were notable because lead to Bubble team members to join the discussion:

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Hi all - We have had this issue as well in our dedicated box and it was resolved after updating our server.
Do you also see the following error in the console log?

It is the one that we had, and that one basically means all real time connection with bubble db is broken.