Page load secure app design question

We’ve got a multi-page app built in Bubble but something we continue to run into challenges with is how to ensure that a user is authenticated and has the right permissions to view a page before the page loads. “When - page is loaded” is too late to check if you should’ve loaded the page.

I’ve seen people suggest that hiding all of the on-screen elements could be a good work around, but honestly if I have to start hacking every single displayable element to have a workflow just so I can build a secure app, I’d sooner rebuild it without Bubble.

What I think Bubble needs here is a not a “when”, but a “before” action that you can use to enforce auth and permissions. Even a page-level setting that determines whether a user is authenticated or not would be very useful.

Has anyone got suggestions that don’t involve just hiding everything?

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Hi there, @tim.dickinson… as you know, this topic comes up from time to time (there was one just a few days ago), and I don’t think there is a better answer than using privacy rules effectively and hiding the content on a page so it doesn’t briefly flash before the user is redirected. That being said, I wouldn’t want to put conditions on every single displayable element either, and I have seen a number of folks suggest putting a group or a shape over the entire page in order to obscure everything on the page in one shot until the security check is done.

Sorry there isn’t a better answer here, but at the very least, you don’t have to modify every element on a page, and maybe that’s something.