Page load workflows

Hey there,

Would an excess number of ‘on page load’ workflows cause the page load to take a while?

I’ll need a lot of of them so would appreciate knowing if it does and a possible work around to avoid.

Hey there @ryan23,

Don’t have a specific number, but I imagine if you have enough of them running tons of actions then that’ll be an issue.

Just curious, what are you planning to have a ton of page on load WFs for?

Hey @johnny what I’m building is similar to a project management platform.

The page loads are for auto binding a raft of dropdowns and inputs.

So effectively - when page loads, create new thing and display in a group (there are a lot of groups).

I wondered if having them all in the same page load would be better although I don’t think I can do that because I have to split them to make changes to thing

Sorted it - Re-orged the DB :call_me_hand: Seem to resolve myself every time when I ask a question on the forum for some reason :rofl:

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