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Context: I’m my bubble app i am writing values to the users browser local storage. I then need to read the stored values when the user goes to a totally separate domain from bubble app’s domain where they are written.

So in my bubble app, i think i need something along the lines of

// Parent window
const iframe = document.getElementById(‘yourIframe’); // Replace with the actual ID of your iframe

// Send a message to the iframe
iframe.contentWindow.postMessage(‘RequestLocalStorageValue’, ‘’);

// Optionally, receive the response from the parent
window.addEventListener(‘message’, (event) => {
if (event.origin === ‘’) {
const localStorageValue =;
console.log(‘Received localStorage value from parent:’, localStorageValue);

This is a paid engagement for anyone who is happy to share their time.

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Idk but id think a iframe may be more difficult.

Do you know in advance which site you’ll need to read the data from? I assume you feel url params wouldn’t work so I’ll suggest session or cookie with cross origin permissions. You dont even need to do anything on Bubble’s side for that.

@mani2726 kindly jumped in and resolved this exactly as needed . Look forward to working with Mani in the future

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:
Happy to help you.

Hi David,

I have updated the Crazypdf viewer plugin.
Now, demo link is available for your test.

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