Pairing two grouping repeating groups

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to put aside two repeating groups that, theoretically, contain the same data labels but not the same data records. It’s a page that relates the offer and demand of services, and the data to represent them come from different tables. The current page view is what follows:

Also, the two RPs are grouped. I wish to pair them but to do so, the groupby statement should return labels with zero values.

Is it possible? Or is there another creative solution that I’m not realizing?

Hi there, @wagbrig… it’s not clear (to me, at least) exactly what you are trying to do, but you mention that the data in one data type is related to the data in the other data type. So, a question that comes to mind is do you have a field in one (or both) of the data types that links to the other data type?


Hi @mikeloc,

Supposing that this field exists, which would be the solution?


I don’t know what you are actually trying to accomplish, but with a field in place on one of the data types that links to the other data type, you will have access within the first data type to the associated thing within the second data type.

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Sorry for bothering you @mikeloc, but I finally found the solution!

I was trying a LEFT JOIN with two tables, that have two common keys.

Thanks @NigelG for this post.

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