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Parallels: Date and Date Range Transformer (Now with Video Demos! 🎉)

Update note: Just pushed Parallels version 1.0.14, which gives a bunch of upgrades to the Action previously known as “Construct Date in Zone”. (I had snuck that action in to 1.0.11 - which added IANA Timezone menu stuff - but hadn’t fully completed it.)

Now called “Construct Date/Date Range in Zone”, this action allows you to construct a date in an arbitrary zone using a similar interface to Luxon’s “Construct Date/Time from Object” API, which is quite powerful.

(You can do fairly abstract things like get the ISO starting date of some arbitrary year, for example - as shown in the demo below. Or you can just specify month, day, year, and time parameters [if desired]. Fields you leave empty default to sensible values. So, for example, you can construct the starting date of “October” of this year in some arbitrary timezone by simply setting the zone and setting the “Month” field to 10.)

The capabilities are now fully documented in the interface to this Action.

You can also now construct a range, by adding or subtracting some duration from the resulting constructed date, without having to call an additional action.

Here’s a simple demo page that shows what it can construct and what it can spit out:


Editor: List-shifter-demo | Bubble Editor

This action also now supports the Parallels “AUX output” system, and allows you to push the computed values not just to the defined outputs (which include Construct: Date in Zone, Construct: Date in Zone Valid, Construct: Date in Zone Invalid Reason, Construct: Date Range in Zone, Construct: Date in Zone Timezone Used), but which also allows you to push the constructed date to an AUX date output, the constructed range to that AUX’s date range output, and the timezone used to that AUX’s label output.