Parenthesis Feature Request

I know this has been discussed before, but adding parentheses for doing calculations in workflows would be tremendously helpful. Or maybe a button to switch to Order of Operations?



Second this,


That’s on our list, but a major change in our expression composer, so not a super easy fix.

+1 please

+1 from me too.

+1 to this also, but as a product manager having added an expression editor recently to our product, I’ll back up Emmanuel and say that what might seem an easy fix here at the surface level (“it’s just parentheses!”) may require a more comprehensive coding change underneath the covers. If it was easy, I’m sure they’d have already done it given the number of requests in the forums.

Yes exactly. We want to do this, but

  1. as you say, it’s a major project (complete overhaul of our expression builder)
  2. so far users have been able to work around the limitation pretty well.

But, one day… I think we have a few other blocking things we want to fix/add first though.

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Are we able to do this now?

Bump +1

Hi all - We recently released an experimental features UI that has a development version of parentheses. Learn more here! Hope you all have the opportunity to start playing around with it and help us iterate to make it better!