Parse information from a text string into a table (thing)

I have the following text string:

"Day Field A Field B Field C Field D
Day 1 String A1 String B1 String C1 String D1
Day 2 String A2 String B2 String C2 String D2
Day 3 String A3 String B3 String C3 String D3

Note: lorem ipsum "

I need to parse this information into a table in bubble. The note needs to be ignored.

What’s the best way to do it?
I’m not a programmer, so would be great if you could simplify a bit. I’ve already searched for a number of solutions/tutorials, but for some reason I’ve not been able to leverage them.

Use :split function to split the string and use appropriate index for each field creating or updating.

Thanks @HS.Ranna
I realized that I was using the text line_break instead of hitting enter :sweat_smile:

Some context below on what I need to do next and what I’ve done till now.
On page 1, I’m getting some inputs from a user (who wouldn’t be logged in) and performing an API call to get a response based on inputs.

After parsing the API JSON response, I get the response string I mentioned. I need to parse the information and present it on the next page (Page 2) in a repeating group element.

So till now:

  • I created a workflow on Page 1 and have got the text string I need.
  • I’m using the Go to page… option, with destination Page 2, and string from previous step
  • In the new page in the workflow I have set a custom state (parsed list) on the page element, value: This Page’s parsed list
  • I have set up a repeating group with data source set as the pages parsed list.

I’m stuck and don’t know how to proceed further

Looks like you are on the right track. Basically, you need the data from page1 and use it on page2. That could either be done by inserting it to a table after paring data on page1, or sending it to page2. Once data is available on page2, it can be displayed in repeating group.

Option 1 (I believe that’s what you are trying):
You got the string on page 1, and the next step is to go to page2 with that string. The two obvious choices to pass that string would either by using “Data to send” option or as a page parameter using “Send more parameters to the page” option.

Once navigated to page2 you’d see the passed date in the URL.
Next step would be to extract that data from the URL on page2 using either “Page Load” or “Do When” workflow and action(step1) get data from the URL (either as parameter or path) depending on how you sent it in the previous step. Add step2 to display data into the repeating group using result from step1 and using :split function, because in order to display data into a RG it has to be a list.
Note: Repeating group data type must be set to text Type.

On page1 insert data into a table. In your workflow, add action to “Create a new thing”, choose the Type and set fields. Field 1 = your string :split, item#1 (or number of desired element in the string ). Field 2 = your string :split item#2. Repeat for every value you are interested in saving.
On page2, set Type of the repeating group and use “Do search” to fetch and display data.
Hope this helps. If it does not, send me a private message with the link to you editor and I can help you out.