Parsing data from PDF and Word

Hi guys!
I am creating an app for recruiters. This app probably will include some external services or custom developement. Need your addvice which tools can help me the most:

  • Feature 1. Downloading CV from job board.
  • Feature 2. Data parsing from every candidate CV to different data boxes, like - age, name, phone number, total work experience.

I have also been looking for some guidance on CV parsing. I am fairly experienced with Bubble, but don’t have the first clue when it comes to APIs and some of the more ‘coding elements’ that can really add value.

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a plugin available to do this (that would be the ideal scenario).

Where have you looked so far?

Its almost impossible. CV are so different each other that creating parsing rules will not be reliable. I think its better to have a form to get theses informations

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There are plenty of solutions out there which do it (to varying degrees of success) already. Just hoping there is a way to do it on Bubble.

In this case my app will collect CVs from 3 job-bords and CVs are not really different (they have the same structure and design.

Currently I think we will do a custom code development and somehow connect it to Bubble

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