Pass API JSON response to a recursive workflow

So far I’ve been saving data from APIs (JSON containing a list) using “schedule workflow on a list” but as I’ve read this might not be the best option with long lists.
I’m wondering how I can pass the API response to another, recursive workflow which will save things one by one:

1st workflow:
Custom event → API call to external service → Schedule 2nd workflow [HERE I WANT TO PASS THE RESPONSE FROM STEP 2]

2nd workflow:
API workflow (takes the JSON response from step 2 in 1st workflow) → Create a new thing (:item #X) → Schedule 2nd workflow (until the end of the list)

Any ideas? I was trying to use API connector but without success.

I think I was to tired to think.
I can pass data not as JSON but regularly in a list field, and then iterate on these lists.

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