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Pass data type to a reusable element to use as its "Type of element"

Hi. I want to build a file attachments reusable element that can be used for multiple ‘items’ that are different data types in my app. (Maybe I should have made all of the data types one data type called ‘item’, but I didn’t). The reusable element needs a Type of Element, but I want that to be sent to the reusable element. Basically I want to be able to dynamically display “[Type of Element]'s Attachments:count”.

I want to avoid creating one version of this attach-a-file/show-existing-attachments functionality for each of my different data types.

Any way to do that? Thanks for your help!
Fred (

Maybe on of my videos helps you here:

What I do very often that I create a reusable element and then set a custom state what it actually is. For example, a Dashboard KPI Item and I say whether this is an item for Customers, Revenue or others. Not sure whether this can be applied to your case.

Many greetings.


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