Pass whole json to a post api

Hi ,

I’m trying to find a way on how to pass a json from my get api result to a post API. Since it’s dynamic json containing different number of items sold of a certain market I can’t make a static structure in the API plugin.

What I have tried to do is fetch the json from an API .Process it in toolbox plugin to get only the json object I need and modify some values inside that object and call the result in my POST Api

The process does not work.

Here is what I’ve tried:

→ Create a dynamic json in post API

→ Call the get API
→ Process in toolbox
→ Call js result in POST

Is there a way to call this inside the post API?

Try to test your json and all step using tools like requestbin. This may help you to find where is the issue

I’ve tried the json result and it works on postman . Just can’t figure how it will work in bubble API . Is it because its a string ?

Should not… but postman is sending the request… now I suggest you to use a tool to receive the request. This is how you will see what Bubble is sending exactly.

What I’ve tried is display the output of my js result in a textbox . That’s what I copied and pasted on postman .

Yes… but it doesn’t tell you what the API POST call in Bubble do… So your are missing informations that will help you to fix that.
Maybe Bubble is sending the request as a url encoded instead of a application/json content-type… without posting to a tool like requestbin… this is a kind of thing you will find.
If you don’t have the Content-type header, I suggest you to add it.

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Thanks. I’ll try it

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