Passing data between reusable elements

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I’m trying to push data from one reusable element to another. I have found this solution that’s about setting up a custom state on the first RE and then set the second one with the same custom state but that doesn’t work for me. Does anyone here is familiar with the complicated move?

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Hi @antoine.sepulchre :wave:
This post have some positive discussion about this topic
Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @mdburhan3 thanks for sharing I actually already checked this one but I’m trying to pull all my platform into a one-page and this solution doesn’t seem very sustainable in regards of all the RE that I envision to work with. I’m surprised there isn’t a simple and logic way to get RE ‘communicating’ together…

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Hi @antoine.sepulchre :wave:

I don’t think it is possible to communicate between them in one page (I am not sure too)…

But anyways we will wait for other experts answers @mikeloc

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I actually use the URL to move from one RE to another as it’s recommended by many experts and that works pretty well, but it’s restricting me from doing a specification action in a first RE that would push some data into the next RE.

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@mdburhan3 I found the solution :fire:

This guy have it all well explained here and it works perfectly! I’m so excited to move forward with my SPA app :crazy_face:

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You can use the Custom state to pass data or store data.
Put the state on the main group inside the reusable element, which can be retrieved by another reusable element

When you display the two reusable element on the page, get the Reusable A’s data(custom state) and pass it to other Reusable B’data (custom state), whether it’s a list or not.

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Thanks for sharing @vence.naga ! I actually figured it out by pushing the unique ID of the data that I want to push into the reusable and that works perfectly.

That was the way around. Use of page url and pushing a data unique id

How do I get the reusable data and pass it to another reusable group?
I have an app with a button in a reusable element which is meant to upon clicking open ANOTHER reusable element and send data to it, I’m sure its simple to figure out but im reading all these forum posts and don’t understand. If someone could help me out that would be great thanks.

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