Passing URL Parameters in the backend workflow - Redirect Option in Bubble Post API

Hello Bubble community,

I am currently working on a project where I am utilizing the Unlayer landing page builder. I have encountered a challenge when using the post API and its redirect option. While the redirect option is useful for navigating users to a specific Bubble page, I am unable to find a way to pass URL parameters along with the redirect.

Here’s the specific scenario: Once a user fills out a form built with the Unlayer landing page builder, I trigger a backend workflow using the post API to save the inputted data. However, I also need to redirect the user to a different page within my Bubble application, with the ability to pass a slug as a URL parameter.

Unfortunately, the current redirect option provided by the post API in Bubble does not seem to have a way to include URL parameters. I’ve searched through the Bubble documentation and forums but couldn’t find a clear solution to this problem.

Has anyone faced a similar challenge or found a workaround to pass URL parameters using the redirect option in the post API? I would greatly appreciate any insights, suggestions, or alternative approaches to achieve this functionality.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Lalith Pavan

Yeah I am running into the same issue, shame we can’t be specific in passing parameters like we normally can in the client-side version of ‘go to page’.

Its odd, as their documentation states:

Otherwise it means a hacky way of saving data to the user to dig up objects or using the browser’s session to temp store data.

Would it be possible to have as a future feature @nickc :pray:

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@pavanlalith738 found the solution to this one, its really not super clear :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Essentially at the end of the workflow actions for the backend endpoint you have, you’ll want to have a workflow action ‘return data’. Here you can specify each parameter, they return in the same order as well to the page you specify in the 302 redirect upon success, example below:

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Yes @luke2 , this seems like a feature omission.

Thanks for the response, will try out this method.

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No worries - and yes I agree.

Let me know if you have success in defining the parameters for your 302 page redirect.

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It worked in my use case @luke2

Thank you!

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