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Passing value from input to another input

Hiya, so trying to figure a way to do this… I am trying to pass the value of Hidden (style) Input Field A to Hidden (style) Input Field B of whichever product is selected (select button click) and changes if an alternative product is selected (user changes their mind). There has to be an easy way to do this. Any help (in layman’s terms) will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for posting! Would you mind reaching out to [email protected] so we can assist you with this? When you do, please include the following information:

  • Editor link
  • Page/reusable element name
  • Names of the input elements

We’re happy to take a closer look with you and discuss the best way to display the totals dynamically.

Hi, I am fairly new to bubble so this may not be the best way.
Create a state called “Option Choice” (Click on the i icon on the page editor, top right)
In the workflow when the user selects Option 1 set the state of “Option Choice” to the amount, in this case 10.00 and repeat a new workflow for option 2 and 3 adjusting the amount setting the state of the same “Option Choice”
In the hidden filed B, set its value to Option Choice + Service, that should give you the total

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