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Password Reset Question

Hey all you Bubblers who are also coders! :wave:

Most websites, when you reset your password, will save the new password in the browser if the user has it set up that way. Anyone know how to do that in Bubble? What piece of code do we need to put on the page for it to do this? Any ideas?

Right now, it suggests a new password which is good, but it doesn’t update it in the browser. So using strong authentication passwords are really difficult.


Hi @J805,

For me, Chrome does prompt to update the password - just not on the password reset page itself. Rather, I have to log out after creating the new password and then log back in. Then I’m prompted.

Given that and the fact that the user is automatically logged in after resetting their password, one potential user flow would be to immediately log them out after a successful password reset, display a “password reset successful” message, and then prompt them to log back in. Then, they should be asked if they want to update their existing password.


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Cool. Let me see if that would be a better flow. Thanks for the suggestion. :blush:

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Well, that didn’t work. It won’t suggest a password if I do it that way. It also only seems to do that in Chrome. Hmm. :thinking: I might need to just tell Bubble about it. One bug report at a time though. Need my other bug fixed first since my whole site is down at the moment. Oh well. :man_shrugging:

Bummer. :slightly_frowning_face: I tried only Chrome but assumed it was standard behavior across browsers. Apparently not.

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