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Hi! I am using Stripe Connect for the use of my platform.

However, I want to accept payments by Ideal, when I create a normal payment link in stripe, I have the option to pay trough Ideal (Payment provider), but when I use the stripe plugin, and create a workflow, there is no option to pay trough Ideal. Doas someone know a idea for this?

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You should be able to manage that in your Stripe dashboard (unless the Bubble plugin is overriding the settings. in which case you’ll have to make your own checkout session API call with the required settings)

I use the Standard stripe plugin by Bubble, is that overriding the settings?

Well… if you’ve configured Stripe checkout in your Stripe dashboard to include Ideal as a payment method, but it’s not showing up on the checkout page then it may well be…

Is that the case?

I wouldn’t have thought so though. So double check your settings in your Stripe account first.

On both applications it it saying that it is activated (Ideal)

How can I check if it is overriding the Bubble app or not? @adamhholmes

On both applications it it saying that it is activated (Ideal)

Are you sure? (your screenshots aren’t showing that)…

I can select to “accounts” one named “Paid member app”, there is Ideal activated, and the other one called “No platform”

Even apple pay and google pay are activated, and they are also not shown

well in that case, it must be that the Bubble Stripe plugin is not including those payment methods in the Stripe Checkout Session.

If I were you I’d try using the API connector to create your own API call - that way you can include whatever payment methods you want to include.

But that is very weird isn’t it? I activated almost every payment method including apple pay, and. it must be that the Stripe plugin by Bubble include such a big payment method right?

I can’t really comment on how the Bubble Stripe plugin works, as I’ve hardly ever used it personally…

Ok, thanks. I am setting up the stripe api right now, but something is going wrong… I want to use different parameters like “amount_total”, “currency” and “url”, but something is going wrong… do you have a idea? Without parameters I get a successful response, but with above parameters I get this. (see second ss)

What is going wrong here?

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