Paypal button not showing up

So I finally got Paypal all set up, and I cannot get the button to appear in preview?

In preview it has a value of 25 which I set dynamically.

Has anyone had this issue?

Hey @falcor,

If you’re referring to the PayPal Checkout plugin, make sure you’ve followed the instructions at the plugin page. Though the rendering of the button has changed to be self-contained and the Client ID has shifted to the Plugins tab, the backend process remains identical. We checked a few existing projects who integrated PayPal and don’t see any issues, both in staging and production. Without more details, reproduction steps and/or an Editor link to look at, there’s not much anyone could do to assist you further. :confused:

The best way to get support for a plugin is via the developer, so give us a shout at

Hi @copilot,
I have the same issue. Everything works it’s just that sometimes the button won’t appear. I recorded the issue here. I changed all settings to try and isolate the problem with no luck.
Any ideas?

Hey @yonimn,

The button is rendered right from PayPal’s library, though it seems like the issue is related to the size of the button under responsive conditions which you can learn about in PayPal’s documentation. Try a fixed button size and compare the results. As noted above, please reach out to first. :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue.
Did anyone figure this out for the paypal plug ins?
It seems to work fine in sandbox but never appears in the live.