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💰 PayStart Stripe Payments Kit - New Template from Zeroqode


Our new template offers a set of Stripe payment solutions that fit any needs. It’s based on Zeroqode Premium Stripe Marketplace Plugin.

Use the template entirely or partially for your online business. Choose the solution you need, copy in whole or partially to your app & configure it accordingly.


  1. Creating/Connecting 3 types of Stripe account (Standard, Express & Custom accounts)
  2. Card payments, adding and saving the cards (choosing one as default if there are a few cards added)
  3. Stripe coupons creation & use
  4. Stripe subscriptions functionality - create& use, upgrade/downgrade
  5. Issuing refunds for the orders made
  6. Split payments functionality (distributed between platform & Stripe seller)

What makes Zeroqode Premium Stripe Marketplace Plugin distinct?

  1. Creation of Stripe accounts

Standard account

Express account

Custom account (Creating bank accounts, Creating token for sensitive information (SSN))

  1. Deleting account from Stripe dashboard
  2. Retrieving customers & sellers data(payouts, payments, invoices)
  3. Possibility to see seller’s balance


  1. Сreating payments
  2. Payments confirmation
  3. Сapturing charges
  4. Creating invoices
  5. Creating coupons (can be used on the platform)
  6. Billing portal session for managing subscriptions

Live demo:


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