PCI Compliance Help

I understand Bubble Apps typically are not PCI compliant. How could I make the app PCI compliant though? Is there a specific external database we can connect to that will allow it to be PCI compliant?

Also, is there anything else other than the database that would have to be improved or done differently to make the entire app PCI compliant?

Note: I typically avoid needing to be PCI compliant by using payment processors, but with my current project I unfortunately will need it to actually be PCI Compliant.

Thanks in advance!

This is one of those things that some random people on the internet’s opinions should not be believed.

I’d ask bubble directly and get an official answer.

lol I agree, more looking for feedback from people who have done it before and what types of databases they have used and what other things they had to update so it would not be compliant.

There’s a lot that goes into being PCI compliant from how you collect the data and where it’s stored to how it’s accessed and displayed.

You’ll want to reach out to a service like https://basistheory.com/. They can provide the data vault, proxy endpoints, and PII collection web components that you need to meet PCI compliance. They will also work with you on getting your compliance certificate.

Thank you