PDF Conjurer - Image Table with 2 columns


I need to create a table with a sequencial images in 2 columns where the user upload them previously in a multi-file uploader. By now I can put the images just using a repeating group list of images, but in the PDF the images are showing below each other. It’s just a visual thing, but I really need to show them in 2 columns. Anyone know how?

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That is not as easy as it looks, so I created an example for you to look at.

Editor: testApp42wCleanDB | Bubble Editor
Preview: https://testapp42wcleandb.bubbleapps.io/version-test/pdf_conjurer_-_image_table_with_2_columns?debug_mode=true

I hope that helps a bit. You actually have to use something like the looper plugin to loop through each set of columns. There might be another way to do this, but this way worked for me.

I hope that helps. :sweat_smile:

Certainly this is a noob question, but how do you put parentheses in your expression?

Example: (Search for RG Test Datas:item #pdf_conjurers item)s image

No worries at all. It’s here in settings > versions > beta features:

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