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PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

I don’t know what’s happened. Fixed it with a hard way: I’ve delete all flow and did it again. Worked ! Thanks for your support !

So, I’ve checked all steps and looked OK. Then, I’ve deleted all flow, carefully did it again and it is working fine. Probably some parameter was missing. Thanks for your answer !

Hi again @vini_brito:

We’re using the most recent version (2.1.1)… I’ve already got quite a few workflows so I’m worried about reverting back to a 1.x (I saw in the dev. notes that there was a breaking change in version 2.0.1). It’s not the biggest deal so I can try to work around it.



I actually found the solution while working on a plugin to merge pdf’s… it’s because modern browsers use CORS and requests need to come through a CORS proxy (I used Essentially, all requests to Bubble URL’s (such as “”) need to be made as “” in .fetch(), etc…
If possible, could this be worked into the program? Thanks! I’m willing to help out where I can, so if I can be of service let me know. As a side note, I think you use PDF-lib to do all the work on PDF’s and I just figured out how to merge PDF’s using that same library. When I get it cleaned up, I’m going to make the plugin free. I’ll send you think link for you/others to use (it runs client-side so no external API’s to have to pay for and no server-side code).

Oh, I don’t really think using an external proxy is a good solution. We usually can solve the CORS issue somehow else. I’d just need to know how to reproduce the issue.

Anyway, on the other subject, while I don’t use PDF-lib, it’s cool to know that you implemented a merge solution (:
Definitely share the link here, I bet some people will be interested.

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Hi all:
New plugin to merge pdf’s entirely client-side (FREE) with no server capacity or external APIs.

I made a forum thread here: New Plugin: PDF Merger (FREE, NO EXTERNAL APIS, CLIENT-SIDE).



Hi @vini_brito :wave: good job on your plugin!

Do you think you can gather the strength to add custom fonts and BBcode formatting? (this would be the ultimate plugin)

Also is it possible to format an image (stored on Bubble) with Imgix before parsing it to your engine?

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Hahah thanks!

Maybe that’s currently possible already, isn’t it? I haven’t tested to be honest, I don’t know what the :imgix operators return. If they return a text like this // which is the normal image format, then it’s fine. Else it would need adaptations.

Oh that’s something it would be awesome to do! I’m waiting until I can land an upgrade big enough on the plugin to fit this one in as a collateral, so to speak, so it’s a possibility in my map, yes.
Also one could sponsor that feature specifically :yum:

Thanks for the prompt reply :grinning:,

I tried using a dynamic image (User profile image) with Imgix but there’s no formating happening on the PDF. This whould be handy as images needs to be rendered as JPG and for best results.

Good to know, I’ll be in touch soon :wink:

Got it, yeah then I’d need to set apart some time to inspect the :imgix operator and see how exactly it works code-wise, so I can try to grab its result instead of the normal URL or see alternatives on doing so.

Hi, I’ve been getting this error since yesterday image does anyone know how to solve it? Prior to yesterday I was able to download without any problem at all.

Hello! Can you see what values are being passed in the debugger to the create table action?
Also, did you upgraded your plugin version and found this bug? If so, downgrading it solves the issue?

Hi @vini_brito,
its been a while but back on hat topic :slight_smile:
Thanks for not forgetting. However maybe I am blind but I cannot find any background element action or I don’t understand what you mean by “”…right where the header & footer checkboxes are"…

Anyway thanks again!!


Looking for this? :blush:

My fault…PLugIn version was still on a quite old version (do PLugINs not update automatically in Bubble??)

Thanks a lot for your efforts and your continued quick support!!


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Okay, so I have managed to figure out how to make and save PDFs.
But how can I download the PDF from another page?
I made the PDF on one page and saved it to the database, but how can I download it from another page with the press of a button? I don’t see any commands for it in the workflow.

Oh and also how can I just get the PDF to open in a new tab w/o having to download it? Possible?


Hello @vini_brito

Your plugin works great in current environments. Thank you for making this available to the community.

However, when using IE, version 11.0.9600.19596 and lower an error appears and the operation is aborted without generating the PDF.

I went live with my site yesterday. Around 700 users need to enter orders for a project over the next two weeks through this. Accordingly, it is quite urgent. The bad thing is that most users use IE as default browser in an even older version 11.0.9600.19596. The error also occurs in Chrome 80.0.3987.106 (32-bit) and in Firefox 52.3.0 (32-bit).

Can you help me?


New question!
Is there a way to create PDFs in a loop? The information has to change with every loop so every PDF created will be different. I tried to do it in the backend but you can’t place the PDFModel anywhere ofc so I don’t know how to do it.
My idea was to create a custom event that has the PDF steps and trigger the event in a loop, but since you can only trigger custom events on the page they were created on, then I can’t do it through backend.
Any ideas? Otherwise it’s just going to be a lot of repetitive code. @vini_brito


Check this process, I hope it can help you.

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I use a Link element with “open in a new tab” option checked, and I include the PDF URL path as destination URL, then the system open the PDF in another page and the user can check the PDF and download or print it.