Question about 'Backend PDF Maker' plugin

I’m looking for a plugin that will generate and save a PDF in an API workflow so I can keep my user’s data private; it seems that many of the PDF plugins require access to an HTML page to copy.

I’m wondering if the plugin owner or any of its users can tell me, does Backend PDF Maker rely on communicating and processing the PDF on an external server or not. And will it indeed work within an API workflow?

I’ll release my private one today for you, I’m not sure when bubble will approve though.

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Did you create a plugin that accomplishes what @mattblake was describing? I’d love to find such a solution (happy to pay for it).

Yeah, it will be nice to have it! All other solutions that I found for this are expansive… VERY… It is not cool to have to see the page in order to generate the PDF.


Try PDF Conjurer. @vini_brito enabled it to save to the dB.

I can see a scenario where the PDF is created from the browser but not necessarily revealing data.

A backend PDF creation function could be certainly interesting. Bubble is working on some form of native pdf solution though they have not released much details about it.

It is on their “close range” radar screen for sure as Josh mentioned it on his past couple monthly announcements.

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That takes quite a bit of setup and isn’t a good custom option. I have a method people can DM me about and I’ll put together a tutorial for backend server side pdf generation without the complexity of pdf conjure and still using incredibly custom design.


Looking forward to it! :+1:t2:

Have you already developed it?

Any updates on this at all, Chris?

I’m looking for such a solution as well. @chris.williamson1996 any updates on this?

I have a private plug-in I’ll add you to that does this DM me.
Never got around to releasing it public, will do when I have a bit more time.