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Hi bubblers!

Any tips for performance and scaling, so that my app remains scalable?

My assumption is that bubble works best if I use extra defined things for key variables (especially composite primary keys and foreign keys), especially those that I use in various databases. Thus, any workflow should be faster.

Till now I found this source:

Is my assumption correct or do you have other feedback? Thanks!

There’s so many aspects to this, so without knowing how you’ve built your app and what it does, it’s hard to give anything other than generic pointers.

What I can say though is that this book has proved super valuable to me early on in my Bubble career as it made me think carefully about the way I built apps, particularly around how I handle data. That’s really where so many people get it wrong and their load times skyrocket. It’s a paid resource but very much worth the money and too cheap IMO. Petter has also released a similar book on security

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