Personalized gifting campaign

Hi there, Quite recently we had a proposition in our company, form a Sales department to launch a personalized gifting campaign for our existing customers. Of course this falls down to Marketing department. So I now have to find some software that can be Integrated with Salesforce CRM that can simplify the process of gifting campaign, but every solution so far was either not built for our goals or it was lacking some core functionalities.

Thx to all, in advance!

Bubble can likely build what you’re looking for, but there’s no out-of-the-box solution. Bubble is a no-code platform, but you’ll still need to build the app you need. Are you looking to hire a freelancer or agency to build this solution for you? Or are you looking to build it yourself?

I consider all the options, but we are still at the stage of formation of the task.

Hello. Great question, since there is not much in terms of gifting campaign software. Especially in digital marketing, since it comes much closer to direct-mail campaign. However, that said, I know of one good API-based solution that can be integrated for Salesforce or Nimble CRMs, not completely sure about the rest – Rocket Notes. It’s kind of similar in logistics to dropshipping. You actually shop in the application for gifts, enter details, personalize it with names, companies, etc. And then ship it directly to the customer.
“The idea behind Rocket notes is to provide your company’s account managers, sales reps and customer service department with an easy and quick way to send out gifts to customers, leads and co-workers, right from the CRM account. It also allows you to build an entire campaign and send out gifts to a selected list of customers.”
I found out about it from this article by the same company, that actually developed an API. Gues that’s the best on the market. Although you are limited by gifts, available in the software, the selection is big enough that you’ll never run out of ideas.