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Phone Rotation Lock

Hi guys,

I am currently using BDK to pop my app on the App Store / Playstore. Is there a way to lock my app to portrait orientation?

Very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes there are ways. If you use the BDK build to make your app it has an option to lock to just “Portrait” or “Landscape”

From what I remember, this plugin element for orientation lock is android only in BDK. Has this changed to support iOS as well now? If not, I saw there is a CSS hack which helps for now. It detects the phone is in landscape and rotates 90 degrees to recreate portrait.

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From what this says anyways it is for iOS as well


Hey Jocobsphinx, where do you find that menu for those options?

When you choose “Start a native project” in BDK. It’s is one of the very first options after you name your app

Great thanks heaps

can you please share css hack?

Where can I find the option? I have already developed my App and just want to lock it to portrait