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Picture Up-loader missing in workflow

I have multiple picture up-loader as shown below and want to force the page visitor to upload 1st image in “Upload Image 1”. e.g. if visitor clicks “Upload Image 2” and “Upload Image 1” is empty, the pop up window should not open but instead “upload image 1” should be focused (and animated).
I tried to implement this via workflows by selecting “when an element is clicked” but i cannot find picture uploader element in list of available elements.

  1. why…??
  2. How can i do this…??

You should use “Do when condition is true” and it will let you set a condition on the Picture uploader…

The way you were doing it won’t work because Picture Uploader is an input field and input fields are not an element you can click on in Bubble.

Thanks for the nice help…

Is it possible to disable/enable inputs from workflow…???

No I would use the element’s condition to disable/enable - you can do a search on different database conditions to control it. This way it responds in real time and doesn’t need to depend on workflow.

Sorry but its not clear to me. Can you explain with an example plz…

Sure here’s a screen shot…

You can see the Picture Input’s conditional is set to This input is disabled. So all you need to do is define what kind of condition disables the input. To do this you can define any condition you want from checking other elements to checking a status indicator in your database that you updated in your workflow. This is the way you can control if you can click on the input or not based on what happens elsewhere.

@john3 marvelous!!!
I tested and it serves the purpose exactly i needed, Thanks.

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