Picture uploader quality issues

Hi All

After help on image quality.

I have now gone live with my app and for the most part bubble has been doing a decent job. That is until i started viewing the images.

Scenario - we have around 100 users, all of which will take about 8 images on their mobile devices and upload to the site.

I am using the picture uploader, which allows the user to simple click with their phone/tablet, take the picture and then upload to the site. It has autobinding so goes straight to a record.

When viewing the images though, they drop to really low res, i have the image side by side on my phone and all on the site are blurry.

Any advice on what is going on?


Hi @simonperks81 :wave:
While displaying image you can try enhancing image quality like this :point_down:
For example :-
Screenshot 2022-09-15 at 18.21.43

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