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Hi , i want to use pinterest API , the purpose of the use is to " Return the users that the logged in user follows " but when i initialize the call it show me these error : {“status”: “failure”, “message”: “Authorization failed.”, “code”: 3, “data”: null} , i know there are some parameters i need to add , but i don’t know what the value should be !!

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You have to authenticate to the API. It uses OAuth. That call (and all other calls) requires an access token. You have to get an access token on behalf of the user.

This isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Since Bubble has a Pinterest API plug-in, you might want to inquire with support (file a bug report/request for enhancement) to see if they might add that call as an action.

Kind of sucks that one doesn’t seem to be able to branch the Bubble Pinterest plug-in as that would probably be a quick and easy way to add that call without having to mess about yourself with token management. (Trust me, it’s a pain in the butt to set up.)

ASIDE to @Bubble: For Oauth plug-ins it would be a VERY nice feature if we were able to retrieve the current auth and refresh tokens for situations like this where we want to add a call that the plug-in does not support, but for which the plug-in already has scope.

Thanks for the reply , for pinterest plugin from bubble , it seems there are some scope ( permissions ) i can select and it can help in my case to access user followers , but after try to login with pinterest and click on Ok it show me error message " not authorized !! can you please help me with this ?

the same for facebook API :

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