📌 Pinterly Pins like Pinterest - New Template from Zeroqode


Pinterly - Pins Board like Pinterest Template is a fully responsive and dynamic template that allows creating pin galleries similar to Pinterest. Create, share, save and download the pins you like, follow creators and message your favorite ones. Get notified when something new is there. Pinterly is a perfect board for your ideas.


  • Masonry grid for pins
  • Create/edit pins and boards
  • Share pins
  • Download pins
  • Follow users and see their pins in “following” page
  • Comment pins
  • Messaging: Send messages to other users
  • Notification: Get notification of new pins
  • Admin Dashboard

Live demo: https://pinteresttemplate.bubbleapps.io/

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hey, Bubblers!

We’re happy to announce that we finished updating our Pinterly - Pins Board like Pinterest | No-Code Template by Zeroqode to the new Bubble Responsive Engine. It’s a fully-responsive app across any user device :partying_face: :tada:

Here you can check the demo page:

Hope you’ll find it useful!
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

This looks amazing!
Question… with the new Bubble Pricing, how much can we expect to pay per month to get this site up and running?

Hi @shwabbie, thanks for a good question.

We’re afraid that as per Bubble’s explanation and provided calculation, each case is individual as each app will have its own metrics, calculated on the base of database operations, workflows, and web interactions.

From our side, we only have the statistics related to Pinterly on the template plan, which shows the WU per June 2023 (thus, being not too informative for your particular case, regretfully):

Hope this helps in a way. Please let us know if there will be any other plugin-related questions that we can help with.

Zeroqode Support Team