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I could integrate Plaid plugin with my app in sandbox mode and I am trying to retrieve the transactions and put them in a text box or something in my app for additional processing.

To do this, I created a custom state for Plaid element named “Transactions” of type “Get transaction transactions”, then created another custom state for the text box and condition to change the text with the following: " Plaid A’s Transactions amount" when a button is pressed. When I preview the app, the result in the text box is empty and I am not sure why or what I am doing wrong.

and this is the condition I set for the text box.


Please help!

Thanks and Regards,

Also, I have tried to output the transaction results in a Group but it outputs nothing and I get the following message when I inspect the group while previewing the app:


Hi there Hossam!

You probably want to display your transactions in a repeating group. Here is an example of pulling transactions using the Plaid plugin:

Good luck!


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Ken Truesdale

Hi Ken,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Yeah, I think I needed this repeating group to return a list of Get transactions, so this helped a lot.
My issue now, is when I set the Data Source of the repeating group to Plaid - Get transactions, I am not able to pass the current session access token to the “access_token” field in the screen shot you provided above. I created a new data type called Token with a field named Access Token that takes the result of the Get Access Point action as its value. But still I can’t pass that parameter to “access token” field in the repeating group.
Can you please show me how to do this?

Hossam Samy

Hi Hossam,

The access_token field is like all others in that you can Insert dynamic data when you select the field:

From there you can search to you Token data type and retrieve the one you need.

Just a related comment in case you didn’t know, access tokens from plaid are not session based. Once you setup a plaid item, you retain that access token forever and use it without modification or update.

Hi Ken,

I guess I was missing this “Do a Search For” item in the dynamic date, actually its name is not representative at all :slightly_smiling_face:
So, I am creating the Token data type when Plaid token is created as shown below:

Then when Transaction button is clicked, I Get Transaction and Display the transaction data in the repeating group as shown:

But still I don’t see the data output to the repeating group and I get the following message when inspecting the repeating group data:

Plus, when I close the app and rerun, I can see I get a different access token each time. Then “Create New Token” action append the new token to the old one and then the transaction retrieval cannot work since the format is wrong and I have to delete the previous data before running.

Sorry for the long questions.

Hossam Samy

I could work around the new access token issue by using Token:last_item’s Access Token, so now I don’t have to delete the previous tokens. But still I get this warning message and the transaction data is not output.
Appreciate your help.

Hossam Samy

Don’t forget to add field text elements into your repeating group. Your step 3 just sends data to the repeating group, but you have to choose the fields from that data you wish to display – over on the design tab of the repeating group. The message you are seeing is normal, and just telling you that you set the data from an action, rather than directly in the element.

Maybe you would benefit from searching the forum for my other posts about plaid, where there are many step by step instructions? Those posts should help you with the access token part, because you should not be getting access tokens each time the page is loaded.

Thanks a lot Ken for your help and fast replies. I didn’t expect to get help that quick, really appreciate your effort :slight_smile:
After adding text field in the group it works well now.
I think I’ll have more questions soon but for now it’s all working thanks to your guidance.

Thanks and Regards,
Hossam Samy

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