Playlist System

Hello to all Bubble devs, I need help with a certain issue, a playlist system.

My app is about publishing videos, and to better organize the content, I thought of creating a playlist system, similar to YouTube’s, which consists of a list of videos (which the playlist image is the image of the last item, which you click and you are redirected to the content (in this case, video), and in the corner, appears a list of videos inserted in the playlist, which when one ends, the other begins, in sequence. Besides that, two playlists would be common to all users, which are created when users create their accounts, being indeletable: From the history of watched videos and the “Watch Later”.

I thought of creating a Repeating Group in the Current User’s page, where the playlists created by the current user would be shown, and respectively, in another user’s page, where the playlists created by him/her would be shown. And in searches, playlists from other users could be found and watched.

(I thought of a system similar to this, where you click on the playlist, it shows the videos in sequence).

I appreciate everyone’s understanding.

Is there a certain issue you’re having? Seems like the idea would work. Under your playlist datatype you could have a “isWatchHistory” yes/no field, and a “isWatchLater” yes/no field. Default both to no. Then on user creation just create each of those and set their respective fields to yes. Then in your repeating group make it so if either of those are “no” then allow for editing of the playlist.

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