Please add features to database

Could we please have the team at Bubble add the ability to set any given field to “unique” in order prevent duplicates being entered?

I am having to spend so much time trying to prevent this at the program logic level and it is really causing a lot of unnecessary extra work and headaches.

If I am missing something that is already there, then apologies, but otherwise I think this one feature would save all of us a ton of time and improve the speed of getting our apps built.

Surely this feature already actually exists in the DB that you are running on the backend so could we not just have that exposed for us users?

Thanks for your help and thoughts in advance.


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Yes, it is of course available in POSTGRES at a native level.

But I think it would be a very big undertaking in Bubble to handle all the exceptions beyond the simple “Insert this row” in a standard workflow. Even thinking about it briefly … Autobinding ? API Workflows ? My guess that it would be as least as much work to handle all that as it is to do it programmatically for anything slightly complex.

Bear in mind that we used to be on a NoSQL database, so we didn’t start off being natively “SQL-Like”.

And Bubble may very well not store things on POSTGRES tables in that way. Maybe it jams everything into the same table ? So the “column” concept may very not exist at the native level anyway.

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