please yiu can a help me?

Hello people!
My name is Alessandro Navarros, I am Brazilian and I have a degree in business administration. I am a beginner in the world of programming and would love to learn how to create No-Code applications. I got to know Bubble’s platform and I was very excited to learn to work with it. However, most of the material is in English and I am not yet proficient in conversational English.

For five years I have been struggling to support my family, after failing with a company that operated in the field of logistics. I have a project to work in this segment and I’m sure Bubble would help me to turn my life around and achieve success.

However, at the moment I am not able to enroll in courses that teach Bubble for beginners and so I turn to you. Could someone help me by letting me know where I find tutorial videos that teach Bubble’s step-by-step on YouTube or on another platform that allows adding subtitles to facilitate understanding?

I thank you for your attention and may God bless you.

See yo

Hello @alessandronavarros, and welcome to Bubble and the fabulous Bubble forum.

Firstly, your English seems to be better than you are giving yourself credit for.

This exact question was answered in a parallel thread on the forum:

My specific advice for you is to do the following:
Go to youtube and type in “Bubble tutorial Gaby [the topic you are interested in]”.
@romanmg is a pioneer in Bubble coaching and has created immensely valuable coaching topics that are available on youtube. This is how I learned, and I believe many others on this forum.

I wish you the best of luck in your learning.

Thanks a lot for the help, @SerPounce!

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