Plug-in authors. How often do Bubble updates break your plugins?

I’m considering using bubble for a commercial site, but I’m wary of building a site that depends on 5 or 6 plugins for this reason.

I’m not a plug-in author, but I’ve used many and can share a few related thoughts. Big picture, I understand your concern and think it’s smart to look before you leap as you’re doing. Having used Bubble for a production grade application for a couple years, I haven’t found plugins breaking to be an issue.

I should mention, we’re on a dedicated server which allows us to control when the version of Bubble get’s updated (and we can roll it back if that’s ever needed). Additionally, plugins have versioning as well so we can control when we upgrade them.

We’ve found that there are plugin developers who actively support them and work to fix bugs that are identified and there are others who don’t care as much. So, we’ve simply chosen to only utilize plugins that are actively supported and proven. For context, we probably use 10-15 plugins.

With this approach, we’ve run into a few minor hiccups but no material problems and nothing that took more than a day’s worth of time to resolve.

Furthermore, Bubble continues to improve and many of yesterday’s problems are gone or significantly mitigated. I fully expect the same to continue and it’ll most likely accelerate with their most recent round of funding.

Hope this helps.


Thus far, my experience has me concerned. I’ve been here about a month.

My multi-uploader plugin won’t upload more than 50 files to Microsoft azure without crashing. My AWS s3 uploader worked great for 5 days but now goes down every night for some reason. (people on the forum thought it might be an Amazon s3 update - which means I’d not be immune even if I was on a dedicated server.)

I just can’t imagine this happening when my site was live. I deliver time sensitive photos daily. I’d be losing thousands of dollars a day and I have zero tech knowledge to fix it.

And both of these are from a large, well established plugin provider. Some of the plugins I use are free from random generous souls from whom I can’t expect technical support. (and yet, without their plugins my site would not function)

As much as I love bubble, I’m wary of taking the risk. What drew me to it was the idea of breaking free from depending on my coder for every little thing, but it seems this is impossible to escape.

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If you earn thousands of dollars a day, you might want to hire a dedicated team to solve your issue.

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that’s retail cost. I earn a small fraction of that.

But would take the entire loss if the site went down due to my client guarantees.

Plugins are made by Bubble human beings, so eventually you can ask them to purchase their plugins for a reasonable price in order to be in possession of the original (or a licence). Or you can build it too. My first plugin with Bubble cost me 2500$ (2y ago :wink: ). So don’t worry too much right now (my advice).