Plugin API calls: body type raw: linebreak with CR LF


I have to call an external API with body type = “raw”: this API only works, if the linebreaks in the body are CR LF (Char 13 + Char 10, hex: 0D0A)
Problem: If I type the body, bubble generates only LF (Char 10) for the linebreak


  1. is it possible to configure my plugin, that bubble generates CR+LF for the linebreaks?
  2. if not: is it possible to enter the CR-Character (Char 13) manually? i.e. masked
  3. if not: currently I solved the problem with a variable in the body in each line:
    and fill it in bubble with this char 0x0D. How can I enter this character in “Arbitrary text”? (without javascript)

How about running the script that modifies the body and deliver the return value through the toolbox event?