Plugin Documentation Template

Hey everyone, we just created a plugin documentation template for plugin developers! We’re surfacing a link to this template on the “general” tab as well. Feel free to use this template for your docs if you don’t already have one :slight_smile:

This template isn’t static, so if you have any suggestions we’ll do our best to implement them.

And thanks to @minimumstudio for the inspiration to use Notion!


Notion is the best :slight_smile:


This would work well with my Notion Page Display plugin!

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Very helpful!

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Any reason why “Actions”, “Elements”, “APIs” are all under the same section “Components”?
It doesn’t look like how things are organized in the plugin editor or in the “plugin content” section when installed.

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The idea was to group all “code things” together, but you can certainly change this in your own version of the template if this doesn’t suite your plugin. Do you have an idea for a better version of this?

it’s not about suiting my plugin, it’s just completely different from how bubble organize every plugin and how bubble already show this info in the editor when users install plugins. :man_shrugging:

What I mean is that there is no concept of components in plugins. Not a list of components, each one with elements and actions, but a list of elements (with actions), actions (server and client) and APIs.


Thank you @leon.maksin for sharing this :v:

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Ah, I understand your confusion. “Components” is meant to be a category for that list of elements, actions, and APIs. This current template does not support multiple “Components” categories, since it is a primary header. Does this help?

got it :+1:

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