Plugin Editor "context" Object Documentation Error: It's "reportDebugger" not "reportToDebugger"

This is annoying: In the plugin editor, context is said to have a function called reportToDebugger(), but referring to reportToDebugger throws an error.

The problem is that the docs have a typo. The function is reportDebugger(), as can be shown by pinging the keys of the context object.

Here are the actual key names of context:

Here is what the docs say:

Please to fix those docs, @bubble. (Documentation for context is shown when “show documentation” is clicked for function initialize.)

Snarky comment about nobody ever even trying this (really neat) feature deleted.

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I was just scratching my head trying to use this for the first time :sweat_smile:

Thanks for catching this @keith! I hope the Bubble team corrects this soon.

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Can you file a bug report? That way we won’t miss it

Done! Thx!

This should be fixed.


Confirmed: Is fixed. Thanks!

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