Plugin Idea - Simple Input Placeholder Animation

Does anyone want to make a nicer input for bubble users? For all your plugin makers out there…

It sure would be nice to have a nicer input and placeholder. It would be great if this was simple and be offered for free. Just an idea. If someone has some time and wants to add to their portfolio.

Something like this but maybe a bit better:



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You can style your input with CSS.

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I am specifically talking about a way to animate the placeholder above the input when clicked. Click on the input and see what I am talking about.

@ZeroqodeSupport I believe already created this. I have seen this in the plugin marketplace. It’s there.

A paid plugin right?

I believe so yes.

Ya, I think it should just be a standard part of bubble’s UI or provided for free. Maybe bubble should buy the plugin and just make it free. Anyways, it was just an idea.