[Plugin] PDF Builder by Vortex API

HTML to PDF Conversion API for Developers. Get High-fidelity PDFs that look exactly like they do on browsers. Easily customize, encrypt and integrate in minutes.

Demo page: Demo page: PDF Builder

To subscribe visit: Vortex PDF API Documentation (info-uHjsHrFnmEm) | RapidAPI


Is this api paid or free?

There are four different pricing models, starting from $2.99.

I’ll make sure to include it in the description.

Done, updated description to include:

RapidAPI partners directly with Vortex PDF to give you no-fuss, transparent pricing. Find a plan that best matches the scale you need for your application. Plans start at $2.99/month


  • Added the ability to request a PDF with webhook response. This will send back the PDF to your back-end API in Bubble. No need to wait for the PDF to finish :man_astronaut:

  • Releasing a v2 soon with server and hosting instance dedicated in Europe


  • We released a custom version with a dedicated instance in Europe. Hosting + Server located in Europe.
  • Database used for the API is influxDB.
  • Both plugins now support creation of PDF’s using a webhook response.

Europe version: PDF Builder by Vortex Europe Plugin | Bubble

US version: PDF Builder by Vortex Plugin | Bubble