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🦙 [Plugin] Pinata IPFS Manager by EzCode

60dde044b701fcb480661ac8_Pinnie (1) Pinata IPFS Manager

NFT storage made easy
Best-in-class file storage and retrieval

Pinata was created with developers in mind. So, if you’re building an app, an NFT marketplace, or anything in-between, its APIs and SDKs will give you super powers.

Plugin features:

  • Upload and Pin File to IPFS
  • Upload and Pin JSON to IPFS
  • Unpin
  • Pin By Hash (Pin an uploaded file)
  • Get all PIN jobs
  • Data Usage (statistics)
  • Generate API Key

Why should I pin my content with Pinata?

  • When you pin your content to IPFS with Pinata, you get the peace of mind in knowing that your content will always be online.
What does it mean to pin content on IPFS?

In IPFS, nodes frequently cache content that gets routed through them. This means that popular content frequently lives on many places of the network at once.
However, eventually, the node cache becomes full, and then garbage collection happens. This means that the node empties its cache to make room for more content.

When this happens, all content that isn’t “pinned” gets deleted.



Feel free to contact us for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to find a solution for your ideas

In addition to current features, in next updates we will add ability to do the same actions but from an element, so there will be events and actions.

Is it possible to embed videos that have been uploaded to IPFS?

Of course, you will need a video player plugin or you can use a html element and make one yourself.
Use the direct link to your video, not to the json file.

It should look like this:

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For anyone that was interested in minting NFTs or creating a marketplace:

Reminder! Do not forget to set your own API Keys

All files pinned with our demo keys will be unpinned from Pinata Cloud!

Just a heads up, the “Upload and Pin JSON to IPFS” function is not available in the newest update.

Hi, thank you for letting us know!
We have pushed a fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Update 1.1

You can now upload files of up to 25GB. (Limited only by your Pinata account storage).

Added new plugin element Pinata SDK
It requires to add your keys in the plugin tab, fields are: “ApiKey” and “SecretApiKey” these are the same keys as before just in a different field.

Main features

  • Select and upload (avoiding upload to Bubble storage)
  • Use a custom drag and drop.
  • Upload files in a directory
    (This allows users to retrieve content via a hash+filename instead of just a hash)

New states

  • Selected file type (ex. image, video, audio)
  • Selected file format (ex. png, avi, mp3)
  • Uploaded IPFS hash
  • Is dragging Yes/No
  • Uploading in progress Yes/No


  • Uploaded
  • File too big
  • Format not allowed
  • File dropped
Plugin element settings


Hello! There are two API keys on the plugin.

I have my pinata API key and secret, but what goes into the API Key and Secret API key on the plugin itself?

Those are the same keys that you have.
The plugin uses API calls and actions in a plugin element, both of them requires the same API keys, but bubble generates separate field for keys.

in you plugin example - they are different. But I should put the same pinata keys in both? Or generate two Pinata API keys?

Yes, put the same keys.

I keep getting errors when loading up files greater than 5 - 6 MB. I can duplicate the problem from different parts of the world.

It says sorry we can to complete your request at this time.

Do you get the same error on this demo page? We have set a limit of 10mb there.
How do you upload your files, via bubble uploader or using the Pinata SDK like in our demo?

We upload the video to Bubble using the Bubble file uploader, then use the Plugin / SDK to upload to Pinata. Also it is an MP4 - which your example doesn’t allow

Then you are doing it wrong. Use the SDK to select and upload it directly to Pinata, like in our demo.
When you are using the Bubble file uploader, the file is uploaded to Bubble first, automatically, and this can be limited resulting in error.

Okay. They are two completely different steps. And the error is on the piñata upload not the bubble. But I will try that and see.

That worked great - thank you! More efficient to not store in Bubble anyways

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Is it possible to store a page itself? I am thinking to create a NFT that contains images and texts all together as a page. I also want to know if there is a way to update the contents so that users can see newest contents via IPFS.