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🆕 Nova Bundle - Web3 Ready 7 plugins into 1 at 50% discount

Nova Bundle - Web3 Ready

I’m really excited to announce the first all-in-one bundle on Bubble by NovaBloq

This plugin is a bundle of 7 plugins in one at a discount.
It combines all the features you will need for a fully functional Web3 app.

Included plugins:

Total paid separately: $28/month
Bundle: $14/month

Total paid separately: $204
Bundle: $99


Each included plugin can be found in its own element. Each element name starts with “BND”.

For example, if you want to use Web3&MetaMask features, add the plugin element called “BND: Web3&Metamask” on the page.
Then follow the instructions and demo pages of this particular plugin as usual.

All included plugins are synchronized with the original separated ones. So, whenever the original plugin receives an update, this plugin will include this update as well.


Added onetime payment price

The discount is 50%

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Do these plugins also work on mobile responsive web?

Yes, just make sure to place plugin elements on the page directly, do not place them in groups or popups.

Using Pinata API in this bundle plugin with following workflow.

It doesn’t show an action to upload & pin JSON to IPFS, so how can we upload NFT metadata?

But it is right here, isn’t it the one you need?

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got it


also joining discord :slight_smile: